All intrepid and able-bodied


who are willing to serve His Majesty King George the Third in Defence of their Country, Laws and Constitution, against the arbitrary Usurpations of a tyrannical Congress, have now not only an Opportunity of manifesting their Spirit by assisting in reducing to obedience their too-long deluded countrymen, but also of acquiring the polite accomplishments of a Soldier by serving with the Recreated 64th Regiment of Foot to at events reenacting rebellion in America.

Such spirited fellows who are willing to engage, will be rewarded with the satisfaction of service to God, their their fellow soldier, their country and to the public.

Please contact one of the following to take the King's shilling and sign up with the finest unit on the field!

Please download a brochure and see our FAQ and Uniforms sections for more information for potential recruits.

Sgt. Jon Mack
Cpl. Jim Carroll
Cpl. Ken Milligan